Why get sponsorships? Though our fees are very reasonable, you can help offset those fees by getting sponsors for various holes and contests. All you have to do is ASK. The worst case scenario is that someone says no, in which case, you’re in the exact same place you were before you asked.

Ways you can promote your sponsors

Sponsor a hole

It’s pretty straight forward, you have a company or benefactor sponsor a specific hole. Their name is printed on an sheet of paper and laminated and then displayed on the course as players go through, they see whose kindness helped pay for the course to be there.

Sponsor the score sheets

Players keep score on a score sheet to see who wins. Put your sponsors names right in front of your guests each and every time they write down their score. Best of all, many players will keep their score cards – taking the sponsors information home with them. Put a primary sponsor on the front of the score card and put the rest of the sponsors on the back.

Sponsor a contest

A great way to get people playing the course is to offer a contest of some kind. Best round of the day, hole in one on a particular hole gets a prize and best team score are all ways to get people involved and to let them know about sponsors before, during and after Mini Golf To Go is at your event.


Where to find sponsors

Schools: ask the businesses around you to donate. If not cash, then prizes for contests. Keep the amount you ask for reasonable and you’ll get more people saying YES. Parents who own businesses are also good to ask.

Companies: ask your suppliers and vendors to sponsor a hole. They’re looking for ways to support you since you support them.

Associations: ask suppliers, members and vendors to sponsor Mini Golf To Go as a family event.


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