Technical Needs/Rider

  • We need about 900 square feet (that’s a 30×30 space) and can expand to about 1200 or compact into slightly less area if needed.
  • We can adapt to hallways, divided areas, trees etc. The course is designed to be flexible and we can adapt to fit your space.
  • No electricity is required.
  • Area should be reasonable level.
  • If the event is indoors and upstairs a (freight) elevator is needed and it needs to be available that holds 3′ x 6′ dollies as our course rolls in on two very large 3′ x 6′ dollies stacked 4′ tall and they’re very heavy. (Note: if checking elevator size, make sure that a 3×6 sheet will navigate through. These dollies don’t maneuver easily – so they should be able to roll straight in).
  • We also need to make sure we have a 36″ door or double doors with a removable center so our dollies fit through them.
  • If no freight elevator or double doors are available we will need assistance with loading and unloading from the nearest doors. Its fast and relatively easy work with a team of 4 plus our guys. Maybe 10-15 minutes during load in and load out.
  • Knowing what to expect helps us plan properly for your event so we can be 100% sure to start on time.

1. How much space does Mini Golf To Go require?

  • We’ll need about 900 square feet minimum (that’s a 30′ x 30′ space) and work better with about 1200 square feet or more. We can adapt to hallways and divided areas pretty well as we designed the course to be flexible to your needs.

2. Can we set up the course outdoors?

  • Of course we can. Parking lots are a great place to set up our course. We can also set up on lawns (though we don’t recommend it during high temperature times) or sidewalks, or courtyards or… you get the idea. Just about anywhere as long as it’s flat and reasonably level.

3. Do we have to provide someone to man the course?

  • It depends on the package that you negotiate. Events always include at least one person from Mini Golf To Go there to set up the course and to load it up when the day is over. Whether you want us to man the table where guests pick up balls and clubs or you want to have someone there to do it yourself is up to you and is negotiable when we set up your show.
  • Once set up, course management is pretty self sustaining. Occasionally someone needs to walk the course, readjust clubs in the rack and make adjustments on the course that may have been moved. It’s an easy gig.

4. What about delivery and set up?

  • We always deliver and set up (sometimes one volunteer from your group may be required to help with set up) the course. We want to make it look great, plus it needs to be set up properly.

5. Do you have insurance?

  • Of course! We are fully insured and can add you as a coinsured for no additional cost as long as it’s requested at least 3 weeks before your event. Otherwise there may be a small fee involved to get it rushed.
  • Do not even consider doing business with a company that does not carry liability insurance. It’s not worth any potential savings as it could cost dearly in the long run.

6. How far in advance do we need to schedule our event?

  • The only real answer is… as soon as you know you want to have our portable mini golf course at your event – that’s when to request a contract.

7. How long is a typical event?

  • We typically schedule an event for 4 hours minimum. We can set up for as long as you’d like. The longer we’re set up, the less it costs per hour.

8. What age group is Mini Golf To Go designed for?

  • Our course is designed for literally ALL AGES. It’s fun and easy enough for little kids to play alone or with their families, and challenging enough for even those who take mini golf seriously to find fun and challenging.

9. How long does it take to set up and tear down the course?

  • Set up takes about an hour.
  • Tear down and load out takes about an hour.
  • We may ask for one person to assist with set up and tear down unless otherwise contracted for us to provide an additional person. Pieces to the course are not too heavy (about 40lbs each), but they’re much easier and safer to handle with a second person to assist. The part we’ll need help with is only about 20-30 minutes, the rest can be handled by our staff member alone.
  • Longer times are needed for convention centers and larger convention hotels and places with complicated parking.

10. How long does it take to play a round of Mini Golf To Go?

  • It takes about 20 minutes + or – for a foursome to play a full round.

11. How many holes are included?

  • Our course currently has 9 wonderful holes.

12. We see giant animals in some of the pictures, are they included?

  • We are getting away from the giant inflatables as they have proven too fragile for the real world use. We’ve switched to more durable, road worthy decorations and are constantly on the look out for new decorations to make the course look great.

13. We'd like to get sponsors to help offset the cost. How do we do this?

  • It’s pretty simple. Ask them.
  • Go in with a plan and explaining exactly what you’re doing and what’s in it for them.
  • Offer to print their company name and contact information on the scorecards, put signage on a specific hole and so on. Remember, they’re interested in helping themselves get business, not just in helping you bring a mini golf course to your event. So tell them what’s in it for them.
  • We’ll help you with a full list of ideas when you’ve booked your event.

14. How much is this going to cost us?

  • That’s the REALLY BIG question isn’t it.
  • We have a base fee to bring the course to your event, set it up, man it and then load it back up and bring it back to headquarters.
  • That fee varies on how long you want the course to be there, whether you’ll have volunteers to help with set up and load out and with manning the table during the event.
  • Fees are plus travel and lodging when appropriate.
  • Fill out the form on the contact page and we’ll send you pricing details.

15. Do you give discounts?

  • We sure do, through coop buying and routing discounts.
  • For our college buyers, we participate in coop buying through NACA and APCA and can work better deals if we’re already in your area at the same time you want to bring our Mini Golf course to your event.
  • We offer discounts if you also use our Fun Fotos To Go or Game Shows To Go at your events, even if it’s not on the same date. The more you book through us, the more you’ll save.

16. Do you do events rain or shine?

Yes. All events, unless otherwise contracted are rain or shine. We strongly recommend having an indoor option to prepare for inclement weather. “Shine Only” contracts will require a deposit or an additional fee for us to incur the risk of the event happening.

We schedule travel and crews around an event once contracted, and turn away other events based on your event. So please have a plan in place.

17. What areas do you service?

We are based in Austin, TX and service Texas and the surrounding states. Special exceptions can be made for longer travel when our schedule permits, though it does drive up the cost as gas and time are expensive. If you can team up with other groups in your area for multiple bookings it increases the odds that we’ll be able to travel further.