We’ve got a brand new portable mini golf course!

We’ve got a brand new portable mini golf course!

Yipee!!! We’ve got a brand new mini golf course that we love and we think you’re going to love it too!

Back in 2013 we thought about the idea of a mini golf course that would look great, be fun and competitive to play, and that was portable enough to take to events.

We created that course out of wood, blood, sweat and tears and the course served us well for 8 years. However, it was heavy and required at two people and over an hour and a lot of muscle to set it up.

Fast forward to 2021 and we contracted a company to create a course just for us that would be lighter weight (allowing one person to set up the course – a big deal to keep us from having to raise rates) and that would withstand the rigors of being in a trailer for hundreds of miles per trip and still look great. Boy did they do a great job making the course and we love everything about it.

It’s got a slightly smaller footprint than our home-built course, but it also has built-in elevation changes, humps and berms to create a more challenging course.

We’ll be posting lots of pictures on our facebook page of the new course and we’ll slowly change out all pictures of the old course (wooden) to pictures of the new course (red brick look) as well as change the video once we’ve got a new one shot.


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