Mini Golf a fun time at Churches.

Mini Golf a fun time at Churches.

Mini Golf is a very popular event for churches. It’s great for kids, teens, adults or any combination. There are no physical limitations and it’s just as popular with boys as it is with girls! Plus – everyone loves it when they score a hole-in-one!

Now you can bring all the fun of a Mini Golf course to your next church event. Some churches have even made it an annual youth group event that has grown in popularity every year. They complete it with the passing of a “Masters Jacket”!

One of the incredible things about our Mini Golf To Go Course is that you can use it indoors when it’s that Texas heat of 100° days, raining – or in the winter when it’s too cold, but you want to feel like you’re doing something “outdoorsy”.

We can even provide prizes for “hole in one” or “I shot par” groups in the form of customized keychains or even acrylic plaques!

When your church group is looking for something fun and different for your family night, youth group, teen night, summer camp, festival or any other time – we’d love to provide the mini golf course for your group.


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