We bring the Mini Golf Experience to YOU.

Servicing Texas and the surrounding states.

Indoors our Outdoors

Portable Mini Golf Course set up outdoors at Midwestern State

Set up indoors or outdoors, our 9 hole portable Mini Golf To Go course if attractive and attention getting.

Requiring only 900 square feet it fits in just about any space and if you have more room available, we can fill it by spreading out.

Watch the Video of our Portable Mini Golf Course

Check out this one minute video to see how people respond to our fun, challenging and colorful portable mini golf course.

We’d love to bring it to your next event – so call us and find out how easy that is to do.

Fill out a form on the contact page or call us at 512-431-9579

Our course is available in Texas and the surrounding states.

Perfect College Event

Perfect Non Traditional College Event

Our mini golf course allows for an interactive experience for your students that fits within their schedule, and engages them for more time than just about any other novelty on college campuses. Everyone will love it. Everyone will ask us to come back again.

Now you can bring the Mini Golf Course to you!

Bad Weather Got You Down?

Perfect cold weather event

Bringing our portable mini golf course to your event brings a little bit of summer fun and indoor sunshine to an otherwise bleak and dreary season.

Combine and save!

Big red chair

Our Big Red Chair Photos pair nicely with the Mini Golf Course. You’ll save hundreds by bringing them to your event together! For a full day of being a kid again consider our Game Show “Do You Remember Being a 5th Grader” and the entire day will serve as a teaser for that show!

Now you can bring the Mini Golf Course to you!

No matter who you are or what your event, Mini Golf To Go can help make it more fun, interactive, engaging and give your guests a fun, fun time.


Business gets done on the golf course, but not everyone plays regular golf, bring our mini golf course to your office and get your teams out playing, working together, challenging one another and blowing off some steam. If you like we can even work with you to make mini golf a team building event for you as your employees design their own challenging hole, then play through to see who created the most challenging (yet playable) hole.

Having a meeting where the whole family is coming? Then have an event they can do as a family and bring our course to your event.


Bring Mini Golf To Go to your campus to give students a chance to interact with one another and to participate in a fun activity when they have the time. We have packages that start at 4 hours and can go as long as you want so you can be sure that everyone, no matter what their class schedule, has a chance to play. Combine Mini Golf with our Big Red Chair photos and let your students feel like kids again.


Schools can bring Mini Golf To Go to campus for field days, school carnivals, family nights, open houses and more. We have clubs in all sizes and our course is kid friendly, kid tested and kid approved. It’s an activity that anyone can participate in regardless of atheletic ability.

Lock-In’s/Post Prom/Grad Nights

If you’re hosting a lock in for your high school students or church group you’ll be needing ways to keep your students engaged for more than just a couple of minutes. Mini Golf To Go will do just that – the average round of Mini Golf To Go takes about 20 minutes for a foursome to complete and they can play as many times as they like. Plus we have lots of ideas on how you can incorporate prizes and challenges to make it even more fun and exciting.

Country Clubs/Golf Clubs

Having a family day? Then include the whole family by bringing something fun and different to the club for the day. Your membership will thank you.

Summer Camps/Church Camps

Looking for a fun activity for your summer camp? Good news – summer is our slow season – so we have great deals for Summer Camps in the Central Texas area and beyond. We have no problem traveling 3-6 hours from the Austin area to help make your camp awesome. More…

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